School Carving Program

The Studiostone School Carving Program is a 90-minute instructor led stone carving session.

Students are provided a pre-cut soapstone animal shape and are guided through a step-by-step carving process. There is limited set-up and carvings are finished the same day. All materials are provided and the entire process is done using water so there is no need to be concerned about stone dust.

The program fits very well with teaching curriculum based in art and sculpture, Indigenous culture and early civilizations.

The program is best suited for grades 3-7.


In December my class had the privilege of hosting Kent Laforme and his stone-carving program. It accompanied the First Nations Unit that we are doing in class. We learned about bears, orcas and wolves and each of us got to carve our own symbolic character.

Kent supplies a partially carved stone for which my students finished off with a variety of files and sand papers. His hands-on approach allowed us all to complete an incredible piece of tangible art to take home where they talked about it with their parents.

Kent was accommodating, friendly and very professional in his approach to carving – he allowed each and every student to produce their own unique creation – something each and every child finished with pride and a greater understanding of their symbols and what it takes to create such a masterpiece.

I have no problem recommending Kent and his program – carving provides a unique understanding of such artisans and allows students to summon patience and a fair amount of motor skills to create their own quality piece of art.

Thanks Kent – I will be talking to you in the future!

-Darren Comer Grade 4/5 teacher at Eagle View Elementary School

Amazing! This workshop is highly organized and smoothly run. My students were delighted to create such a fabulous piece of artwork to take home. Kent’s organization and skill ensured that everyone completed a masterpiece. By far one of the best artist workshops I have had in my classroom in many years, I would highly recommend it to any teacher.

-Laureen Brain Grade 4/5 teacher at Eagle View Elementary School