Soapstone carving kit

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At Studiostone we make sculpture and we love sculpture. Stone carving is one of our favorite experiences and our StudiostoneKits are a great way to help you make your own sculpture. To begin carving you need stone, tools, abrasives, polishing wax, instructions and an idea of what you want to carve. We offer five different soapstone animal designs. You order the kit and then you make the ART. We’ve accounted for every material and tool you need, right down to the last detail, including step-by- step instructions guiding you through the process. Every StudiostoneKit is made with our own hands so that when we put it into your hands the quality and enjoyment speak for themselves. The art of stone carving is both our mission and passion so we hope you enjoy this timeless tradition that puts you right in the moment. Think with you hands and make art from the heart!

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 16 x 11 x 6 cm