About us

Studiostone Creative grew out of Studiostone, a stone carving studio based out of East Vancouver, Canada owned and operated by Oliver Harwood. Oliver had a desire to create an artist driven company made up of a community of sculptors whose passion is the art of stone carving. He also wanted to somehow extend his own love of stone carving to others, more specifically children. Working with his wife Lisa, a school teacher in Vancouver, the school carving program was introduced and Studiostone Creative was born.

The humble beginnings of Studiostone Creative was driven by a strong work ethic and commitment to stone carving that was shared by fellow sculptors Jocelyn Dodier and Kent Laforme. Together, the three of them made a great team as they shared a passion for stone carving and devotion to the traditions, and art, that people have carved throughout history to shape their cultures and tell their stories. Keeping these traditions alive and promoting stone carving education has helped shape their bond and establish the foundation of their company. Oliver, Jocelyn and Kent take great pride sharing their love of stone carving with people of all ages.

“Together we’ve worked diligently to streamline the School Carving Program and make Studiostone Creative the best soapstone carving kit on the market. We’ve accounted for every detail step-by-step that’s involved in the carving process. It’s very important to us that our passion for carving comes through in every kit. This is what our work is about, and what we want to share is our passion via the experience. Our goal is simple: Make sure that everyone who carves a Studiostone kit can experience the creative process and enjoy the benefits of hands on learning.

You can check out our own sculpture by visiting our respective websites.

Oliver Harwood – oliverfineart.com
Jocelyne Dodier – galeriedodier.com
Kent Laforme – kentlaforme.com