Studiostone Kits


Studiostone Kits introduce you to the enjoyment and benefit of stone carving and thinking with your hands. At Studiostone, we believe in the continuum and traditions of stone carving in the digital age and art that serves as a bridge to the ancient so that it may inform the contemporary.

Studiostone Kits contain everything you need to create your very own soapstone carving.

  • Pre-cut soapstone animal shape 2 × 3.5”
  • Shaping tool and 36 grit diamond file
  • 150 and 220 grit sandpaper
  • Wax and polishing cloth
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Note: soapstone colour varies in every kit

The whole process is done using water so don’t be concerned about stone dust.


“Neurophysiological research increasingly confirms the wisdom and efficacy of what has been called “hands-on learning.” Correlations have been found between dexterity and mobility in the fine motor muscles of our hands and cellular development in our brain, which supports our cognitive capacities.”

– Hand Movements Sculpt Intelligence by Arthur Auer